We want to empower everyone
to see responsible living in a new light.

By inventing and developing sustainable and economical LED  products, we make it easy for people to choose home technology that makes their lives better and the world cleaner.

We use our knowledge and technology
to advance the world of light sources.

We take advantage of our diverse competences to discover bright ideas. We exploit existing technology to refine our products. And we boost our knowledge through collaborations and focus groups. This is how we exceed quality standards to take the lead in sustainable lighting production.

For contractors

Delivering the future of lighting, Nordic Smartlight can help to ensure that modern construction in the future will be smart.

We offer distributors a large range of products at competitive prices, and the possibility of high degree of earnings. Our products are low energy, environmentally friendly and cost effective for customers.

For retailers

We equip retails with a sound understanding of smart lighting and the value it offers consumers. In addition, our distinctive packaging adds appeal to shelves and impacts purchasing.


Lite Bulb Moments is our product brand.

Lite Bulb Moments' instant LED light bulbs give people the power to create comfortable moments in their lives while embracing sustainability at home and at work.

It’s the little bright moment 
that makes a big difference

Lite Bulb Moments are instant, tunable and dimmable LED light bulbs for a smarter home.


Intuitive connection

Smart features and software compatibility for effortless control.


Responsible living

Durable, economical and recyclable for 100% sustainability
(FSC approved, plastic free).


Beautiful moments

A Nordic balance of design
and purpose enhancing
the quality of life.


Lite Bulb Moments

Lite Bulb Moments products operate without bridges and other accessories. All technology is in the product. It’s compatible with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

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