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Most of us would like to take our share of responsibility for a better and healthier environment, in the world and in our own everyday lives at home.
We can help you do exactly that – and you can even save a great deal of money while doing it. It’s as easy as this – change to Biological Lighting By Nordic Smartlight.

We produce high quality LED lights, that uses significantly less power than conventional bulbs and thereby decrease the CO2 emission. As each LED light has a life span of up to more than 25 years, this is great for both the environment and your economy.

Our LED lights can be programmed by our own Nordic Smartlight APP to set the right lighting, so it fits perfectly to the human clock. We call it Biological Lighting.

Nordic Smartlight bulb will enable you to control your lights in new ways. With the dimmer function you may decide if you want a warm and cozy light or a stronger healthier and brighter light for working, all with the same bulb. You can also change the colors of your light into, literally, all the colors of the rainbow.

Nordic Smartlight Bluetooth bulb and App can give you full control over all the Nordic Smartlight lights in the house from your phone or tablet. You can turn your lights on or off or program your lights to turn on or off at specific times to help deter potential burglars.

We are proud to say…Biological Lighting by Nordic Smartlight is more than a bright idea!